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The time to face your shadows and commit to collective healing, is now. 


Hayyyy, I’m Rachel.

I’m a thought leader + outspoken champion for Black and Indigenous womxn. I educate on dismantling racist heteropatriarchy, helping white folx address white supremacy, POC heal from internalized oppression and offering spiritual tools for all hue-mans to commit to the solution.

Get more on the story that landed me here, today, sharing this work with you.


Get comfortable with
your discomfort.

It means you’re growing.

Whatever you’re seeking—personal work or corporate experiences—there’s a dialogue, discourse, or deep diving workshop waiting for you.

Peep my services and see how you can better show up for yourself and the collective:


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Take a stand for diversity and inclusion being a conversation that leads your business - and watch it run for the better.

Let’s do some big work and make a difference, together. 

“...She has lit a fire under me, and I’m so glad I didn’t wait another second to hire her. What Rachel has taught me has had an immediate impact on how I run my business for the better. This work is urgent, and I’m grateful to be learning from someone with so much knowledge, compassion, and integrity...”
Kait Hurley, Movement + meditation coach / founder of kaithurley.com
“Thank you for this. A thousand times, thank you…I’m sending you love and gratitude for who you are, and for what you do.”
- Sophia Bush, Actress + Advocate
“If you’re a POC wanting to gain some spiritual teachings and activism you’ve come to the right place! There is truly no place like any of Rachel Ricketts’ [workshops], she will make you feel like it’s your home or at least comfortable enough for you to let go of your worries...I can’t thank you enough…”
Kafiya Mudey, Black Lives Matter Vancouver