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Hayyy, I'm Rachel!

As  an  outspoken  champion  for  women  of  colour,  I  educate  individuals  and  organizations  on  anti-racism  and  diversity  to  help  us  all  better  understand  our  role  in  perpetuating  oppression  and  learn  concrete  tools for  committing  to  the  solution.      


Offering  culturally-informed  spiritual  tools  such  as  yoga,  breathwork,  Reiki,  meditation  and  intuitive  coaching,  I  help  folks,  particularly  women  of  colour,  to  voice  their  struggles,  step  into  their  power  and  better  show  up  for  themselves  and  the  collective.    


Peep my offerings for ways I bring this to the world:


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“...She has lit a fire under me, and I’m so glad I didn’t wait another second to hire her. What RayRay has taught me has had an immediate impact on how I run my business for the better. This work is urgent, and I’m grateful to be learning from someone with so much knowledge, compassion, and integrity...”
Kait Hurley, Movement + meditation coach / founder of
“...Every human deserves what Rachel has to offer this world, what she has to offer you. She is a masterful guide trailblazing the human spirit...”
Ashley Thompson, Harvard Graduate + Certified Sexual Assault Advocate and Crisis Responder
“[You have] provided me with a sense of affirmation of my Beingness as a woman of colour, and with words/wisdoms that I can use to both express my anger and explain the significance of daily, anti-racism work. Thank you. Your work is life-affirming and faith-building, and you deliver it with such empathy, compassion, and loving anger...”
-Ji-Youn Kim, Self-Care + Performance Coach