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Hey Y’all!

My name’s Rachel Ricketts and I’m a healer, coach and activist. My life’s mission is to heal the collective divide by addressing + eradicating racist patriarchy, supporting folks (particularly womxn of colour) through grief and helping us all manifest more joy.


appreciate my work? love my resources? Learning shit?

This work takes a LOT of time and energy. It is my life’s purpose, and I’ll never quit, but activists are prone to burnout, depression and premature death. I’d so appreciate any contribution you can make in honour of my work. I regularly redistribute wealth by offering full + partial scholarships to those in need, particularly Black + Indigenous womxn. No amount is too small!

two ways to p(l)ay…

Ongoing monthly contributions get you access to a monthly circular where I answer your burning anti-racism related questions.

* OR *

Make a one-time donation in any amount you desire.

much appreciated!