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We live in turbulent times and there is a great call for the collective to come together and fight the systems of white supremacist patriarchy.

If you want to dive deep into how to commit to anti-racist efforts and get comfortable with your discomfort around discussing and addressing race and racism, join me for my SPIRITUAL ACTIVISM 101 Online Workshops.



The Spiritual Activism 101 online workshop is an opportunity to come together to have sacred and spiritual conversation about how we can acknowledge our privilege, heal our race-related wounds and actively contribute to lasting, effective racial justice.

This 75 minute webinar includes:

  • curated discussion and education on anti-racism, internalized oppression and addressing whiteness/white supremacy,

  • space to share our hurts/struggles/frustration regarding race, gender and it's intersections,

  • intentional journalling to unpack our blind spots,

  • spiritual tools + practices to assist in committing to anti-racism + inclusion,

  • guided meditation + transformational breathwork to release and let go.

We will carve out sacred space, honour our challenges and cycle that shit up and out. Folks will leave feeling supported and empowered in their journey to better show up for themselves and the collective, and most importantly, in supporting people of colour (particularly Black and Indigenous folks).

Open to all hue-mans, especially White folks wanting to learn how they can better support POCs, POCs seeking help addressing internalized oppression and/or all those seeking spiritual tools + practices to assist in committing to anti-racism.

catch the limited-time replaY below

Interested in an in-person Spiritual Activism 101 Workshop? Bring me to your town or business! Holler at me here.



“…I wanted to say thank you. Truly. It was such a powerful seminar and I was so honoured to be a part of it. It has made me realize how much work I have to still do on my own issues, as well as the work that must be done on a larger level.”

– Alison McEwen, Labour + Employment Lawyer, Ottawa, ON


“I have just finished watching the online replay and wanted to say THANK YOU. THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU. The deepest gratitude to you and the work that you do from my heart - wow. So much to unpack, to unlearn, to dive into and DO and really taking this time to process it all.” 

- Sarah Bird, Toronto, ON


"[Rachel] gets into your head. She scared the S#!T out of me, then taught me how to pay attention and ways to move forward with grace and compassion."

- Barbara Kuhr, Co-Founder of WIRED Magazine, Montana, USA

spiritual activism 102: What's Next!?

Spiritual Activism 101 is just the beginning, we have oh so much more work to do so let’s keep diving deep!

(a) for White Folx

This online workshop is carefully curated for White and White-passing folks, particularly White womxn, to continue the sacred and spiritual conversation required for radical racial justice.

This webinar includes:

  • a deeper dive into anti-racism education and terminology (including spiritual bypassing and cultural appropriation);

  • opportunity to ask and unpack your burning questions in real time;

  • practical exercises pulled from daily life to apply, discuss and share how to best act in allyship;

  • guided meditation to ground and connect; and

  • takeaway worksheet for reflection.

We will once again carve out brave sacred space, honour our challenges and cycle that shit up and out. Open to White folks wanting to dive deeper in learning how they can best support POCs, particularly BIWOCs, and add to their toolkit of spiritual practices to engage in authentic anti-racism. 

PREREQUISITES: All those registering must have taken my Spiritual Activism 101 webinar or workshop.

next webinar is tues nov 6th @ 12:30pm EST.


(b) For pocs

This online workshop is carefully curated for POCs ONLY, particularly black + brown womxn, to continue the sacred and spiritual conversation required for healing our internalized oppression and racial trauma .

This webinar includes:

  • a deeper dive into the meaning and consequences of anti-blackness, internalized oppression and racial trauma;

  • spiritual tools for unearthing and healing from the grief caused by racial trauma;

  • shared discussion to share hurts and frustrations in a space ONLY for POCs;

  • guided visual imagery meditation to ground and connect in ourselves; and

  • takeaway worksheet for ongoing self-inquiry.

We will once again carve out brave sacred space, honour our challenges and cycle that shit up and out. Open to POCs seeking spiritual tools to unpack internalized oppression and heal trauma down the ancestral line.

PREREQUISITES: All those registering must have attended either: (a) my Spiritual Activism 101 webinar/workshop, (b) my WOC Talks workshop, and/or (c) recently engaged in other self-healing work addressing race + racism.

next webinar is sun Nov 18th @ 11:30am EST


Getting Through Grief: 10 Week Online Grief Support Program

Seeking straight-forward support to transition into more joy? 
Need guidance moving through grief on your own terms?  This, is for you.

The fact is, grief sucks.
It stems from all sorts of stuff in our lives - death, heartbreak, burnout, loss of self, patriarchy, racism, moving, pet loss, infertility, financial woes, parenthood, marriage etc.

It changes everything. It changes you. For better or for worse - the choice is yours. I can help. 

Getting Through Grief is a 10-week, self-guided e-course that will help you minimize the pain of grief and turn whatever you're dealing with into a launching point for more JOY.



loss&found - Rachel Pics - Marcus Jolly 5.jpg
  • Nurturing guidance to help honour where you're at and transition into your power;

  • Weekly straight-forward exercises and worksheets to help you connect with your heart at your own pace;

  • Reflective meditation + journalling;

  • Transformational breathwork to aid in combatting the sads and boosting the glads;

  • A virtual yin yoga class (that you can do in your PJs!);

  • Private FB support group and a group coaching call for virtual peer support from folks who "get it" (which you can skip if you prefer to do the course on your own);

  • Practical tools and spiritual resources to help you cope with your ish;

  • Feeling seen, heard, supported and relieved!


  • You'll receive an email every Sunday AM with curated content to help you dive into your loss, face the dark and embrace the light

  • You'll have the whole week to move through the content at your own pace and if you fall behind a week or more - no sweat! Go at your own pace, no problem mon

  • You'll get 1 live virtual Q+A Session a 1:1 coaching call AND a live group coaching call (depending on the offering purchased). You can engage as much or as little as you like

  • This is a self-directed course so everything is an offering...take + partake in what resonates, leave or omit the rest. Get through grief on your own terms.



Ready to dive in!? This online workshop contains over $3,000 in personalized coaching and grief support for one heck of a sweet deal. Well, actually, two...



This is the full meal deal, you get all the worksheets, recorded videos, virtual Q&A coaching call*, email support and the like PLUS extra support by way of: (i) a personalized 1:1 wellness coaching call scheduled at your preference, (ii) an additional live group coaching call (recorded + circulated) and (iii) bonus content. Limited spots avail - this stays intimate for the best support.

This is the preferred + suggested way to take this offering as personalized, live coaching will allow you to get the most from the course + provide you with the best results



This offering provides you with all of the course content including the virtual Q&A coaching call* but without any personalized or 1:1 coaching. 

This is a great option for those folks who have adequate support systems in place, want to move through the content independently and do not feel live personalized coaching is needed at this time. 





“Rachel participated in a panel discussion on “Critical Issues for Women in Leadership” to a group of established female leaders who are embracing inclusive leadership. Rachel’s authenticity and willingness to be vulnerable was powerful. Her presence ensured that the conversation got real very quickly and she created a space for women in the room to go deep and be reflective. This was certainly the most ‘real’ panel discussion I have ever witnessed.”  

- Sarah Greenwood, Program Coordinator for Minerva BC, Vancouver, BC


"I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Rachel [as the organizer for rhe Loaded Bow retreat]. Her capacity to create space for others allows for the nuances and complexities of loss to be explored in ways that I could not have anticipated. She holds up a proverbial mirror that allows her participants to see themselves in each other, while still honouring the individual experience. She acts as a guide through the process of mapping one's grief.  Rachel is also really fucking funny which only serves to add more humanity to this intimate practice. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

- Gen Hume, Harvard Graduate + Co-Founder @ Loaded Bow Retreats, San Francisco, CA


"I'm always on the hunt for the most powerful voices in town, who can tell a story from the gut and keep a room in the palm of their hand...Rachel came recommended by a number of contacts, namely for her work in the grief space and her dynamic personality. At the event Rachel quieted a full venue of 20-40 something city-dwellers, people leaned into the stage to hear her next word as she shared her powerful story of losing her mother, and bringing in larger themes of her work. Multiple people came up to me after the event asking how to connect with her and her work, everyone in the room could feel her radical openness, understanding of story and real desire to impact community. I'm on the edge of my seat to see what she is up to next." 

- Lizzy Karp, Communications Manager @ Telus, Vancouver, BC