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Spiritual Activism 102: What's Next for White Folx!? Webinar

The long awaited follow-up to Spiritual Activism 101 has arrived!

The replay of this online workshop is carefully curated for White and White-passing folks, particularly White womxn, to continue the sacred and spiritual conversation required for radical racial justice. (POC's, there's a separate Spiritual Activism 102 coming soon for you).

This is an opportunity to observe sacred and spiritual conversation about how we can acknowledge our privilege, heal our race-related wounds and actively contribute to lasting and effective racial justice.

This 90 min. webinar includes:

  • a deeper dive into anti-racism education and terminology (inc. spiritual bypassing and cultural appropriation);

  • opportunity to ask and unpack your burning questions in real time;

  • practical exercises pulled from daily life to apply, discuss and share how to best act in allyship;

  • guided meditation to ground and connect; and

  • takeaway worksheet for reflection.

Once again we carved out a brave sacred space, honoured our challenges and cycled that shit up and out - and you can too! Open to White folx wanting to dive deeper in learning how they can best support POCs, particularly BIWOCs, and add to their toolkit of spiritual practices to engage in authentic anti-racism.