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Anti-Racism & Inclusion Consulting

The world has changed and issues of diversity and inclusion are aptly at the forefront of many individuals and companies concerns.

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Implementing diversity + inclusion training empowers people with the requisite skills and knowledge to address, encourage and foster a diversified world and workplace and address your blind spots. It also aids in reducing legal claims and adverse public relations by executing good faith efforts to address diversity and minimize harm. Not to mention it's just the right (and often necessary) thing to do!


Studies have shown that companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are at least 35% more likely to experience above-average financial returns. 

There is a clear and significant relationship between addressing diversity and increased profits, but many companies, and their people, are ill-equipped to execute a proper diversity and inclusion strategy (externally or internally) to reap the legal, financial and moral advantages.

Diversity and inclusion require ongoing attention for successful execution, including adequate training for leaders and executives. Diversity then becomes inherent in the company culture, thus bolstering the company’s internal and external reputation, retention rates and ROI.

My offerings are for all, but particularly for those in the most problematic industries including: 

  • yoga + wellness

  • law + law enforcement

  • medicine

  • social work

  • hospitality

  • pr/marketing

  • journalism and the like.


The Anti-Racism + Inclusion Audit encompasses a high-level review of your personal or brand's IG, website and digital profile (for the past 2 weeks or so depending on quantity of content) to advise of major flags, holes or blind spots in content, messaging and/or imaging. You'll receive a written breakdown of my findings, applicable resources for further knowledge and we'll hop on a 45 min Video Call to run through it all. 

I only work with brands and folks of the highest integrity, who are authentically committed to addressing racism and patriarchy and the ways in which they need to address that in themselves and their brands.

Investment $450 USD


My workshops are custom curated for the specific needs of each group or organization, but generally include:

  • a safe + confidential space to explore the challenging issues and ask tough but important questions about diversity + inclusion (personally and professionally);

  • lesson on terminology around diversity + inclusion;

  • examination of privilege, forms of unconscious biases + how they play out in the workforce/world;

  • practical exercises to unpack micro-aggressions + how they impact diverse spaces;

  • group discussion on ways to promote inclusion + diversity in the workplace/world;

  • resources for continued learning; and/or

  • optional movement/wellness piece - yoga, breathwork, or meditation to assist in addressing + moving through challenging conversations.


Please get in touch to discuss your specific needs and budget. I can create custom offerings to best serve your requirement…let’s collaborate. 


 “I get so much out of my [Spiritual Activism business coaching] sessions with RayRay. I love how she not only explains concepts and suggests other resources so I can dive deeper, but she gives me actionable next steps and provides me with a framework so that I am clearer and more confident on how to move forward on my own. She has lit a fire under me, and I'm so glad I didn't wait another second to hire her. What RayRay has taught me has had an immediate impact on how I run my business for the better. This work is urgent, and I'm grateful to be learning from someone with so much knowledge, compassion, and integrity.”


- Kait Hurley, Movement + Mindfulness Coach, Portland, OR


“It was amazing meeting with you [for Spiritual Activism business coaching]. I was so grateful that you took the time to listen to me, while also sharing very real stories from your own life. I am learning how deeply rooted whiteness is, and am in the work of seeing how it shows up in my everyday. I left feeling inspired and also overwhelmed, but you met me with so much grace and kindness. I did not feel shame.”

- Ashley Brodeuer, Founder of Feelosophy Yoga, Toronto, ON


 “Thank you for driving this much-needed conversation in our community. Thank you for your patience and compassion but also for your honesty and direct approach. I walked away with so much to think about." 

- Kate L., Marketing Manager @ AG Hair, Vancouver, BC

Intuitive Coaching


Looking for help moving through racist patriarchy? Do you desire support in committing to anti-racism and inclusion? Seeking tools to help you connect with Spirit and manifest more joy? Well, mon amie, you're in the right place. Your energetic revolution awaits. 

WTF is an Intuitive Coach?

I help clients manifest more joy by connecting with Self + Spirit. Through spiritual + practical tools, I help WOC heal from racial injustice and White womxn commit to anti-racism and inclusion.

Together, we'll work on releasing what no longer serves you and find the tools that best work for you to connect with and heal your heart so you can get out in the world and live in and on purpose. I know it can be hard but you do have a choice in how you deal. I'm here to help you feel lighter, brighter and ready to say #boybye to whatever's keeping you stuck from standing affirmed in the truth of who you are and how you can support yourself and others and the quest for racial justice. Let's dive in my love, the world needs ya!

If you're ready to release what no longer serves you and shift in powerful change - let's do this! Offerings are available worldwide via Zoom (virtual video call).

What Will I Get?

  • A sacred space to feel and express whatever you're going through;

  • Spiritual guidance for connecting with your soul + the Universe;

  • Practical tools to help you surrender what no longer serves;

  • A game plan for transitioning into joy;

  • Insight into the patterns at play that are keeping you stuck; and

  • so much more!

How Do the Calls Work?

I offer coaching sessions via Skype or FaceTime so you can get the support you need from the comfort of your own home or office. Each session is personalized to your situation but may include any or all of the following:

  • Intuitive wellness + grief coaching for WOC;

  • Diversity and anti-racism coaching (for white folks);

  • Compassionate review of your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviours;

  • Guided meditation, breathwork + Reiki (healing energy);

  • Suggested resources (books, podcasts, healers etc.); and/or

  • Oracle card reading.

Offerings & Rates



One-on-one anti-racism and inclusion consulting including spiritual tools + resources to help you awaken your blind spots, commit to the daily work of anti-racism and feel empowered to use your business platform to stand in and on purpose.

Includes 1 x 75 min 1:1 coaching call and 1 x follow-up email


In this personalized video call you'll get one-on-one coaching to help you move through the pain inflicted by racist patriarchy, connect with Spirit + transition into joy

Includes 1 x 60 min 1:1 coaching call + 1 follow-up email

**I offer a limited number of partial subsidies for WOC. Email me to apply!


“Did some phone healin' work with [Rachel Ricketts] today and if any WOC are looking to jump into spiritual work like this I would suggest checkin this resource out. Bless you and your work [Rachel]…"

-ShiShi Rose, Activist + Social Media Influencer


"I so enjoyed and appreciate my session with Rachel. She is incredibly wise and knowledgeable. She was good at hearing what I have been thinking about and struggling with and incorporating those things effectively into her healing strategies. Rachel is able to empathize well and connected my life experience with her own. I especially appreciated the visualization exercise of speaking to my inner child...She is so clearly meant to do this work."

- Ashley M., Youth Coordinator at Minerva Foundation, Vancouver, B.C.