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loss(t) convos with Julia Santana Parilla

This week we speak with Julia Santana Parrilla who shares her experience of loss and grief surrounding abortion - an important and fundamental right. Through her project "so...I had an abortion" Julia helps to destigmatize abortions and the shame and fear around them through the art of storytelling. We hope Julia's story will help shed love and light on the topic for women (and humans) everywhere.

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loss(t) convos with Giulia Halkier

The first loss(t) convos of 2017 features 28 year old Giulia Halkier, life coach, Lululemon leader and spin instructor. Giulia shares her powerful story of losing herself suffering from depression and anxiety, and her advice to all those facing something similar.  Thanks to Giulia for kicking us off for the New Year!

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