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Why White Womxn Need to Get Out The Way

In the wake of the US midterm elections we’ve once again seen white womxn choosing race over gender. The time to follow those who are most marginalized and oppressed by racist patriarchy has come. The to follow Black + Indigenous womxn to bring about racial justice, is NOW. This article explains why, and what White womxn can do to support.

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We Need to Talk About Loss

This is a piece I wrote for the amazing digital magazine The Unmistakeable Effect (erryone check that shit out cuz its fuego!). This issue was all about Making The Damn Space - a perfect topic for this time of year. Naturally, I wanted to share how and why we need to face our loss, and grief, so we can let it the eff go. Ain't nobody wanna be carrying that ish into 2017.

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