Movement, Meditation + Conversation w/ Kait Hurley

Ok y'all so I confession time - I don't like working out. Yes, I was once a high-energy spin instructor but the deeper I grew into my healing and spiritual practice, the more my "workouts" became internal.  

There are a lot of folks out there in the "wealth + hellness" industry trying to tell you that you need to become faster, stronger + skinnier to acquire happiness and that's just NOT it. Which is exactly why I am so excited to introduce you to Kait Hurley and her Move + Meditate method. Kait is a client, friend and fucking REAL one. She speaks from the heart and is helping people all over the world manage stress and anxiety and cope with day-to-day life by finding movement and mindfulness. Myself being one of them.

Kait is also deeply committed to unpacking her white privilege and using her platform to promote and foster anti-racism + inclusion.

We combined forces to bring you this Deep Inner Strength + Visualization Breathwork class so you can sweat out whatever isn't serving and fill yourself back up with calming food for the soul.

Peep the workout above (and is HARD. But the challenge serves the purpose). Then scroll down to see Kait and I jam out about grief, letting go and why anti-racism is so important. 

The Convo...

If you want more movement + meditation in your life sign-up for Kait's FREE Embodied Strength Challenge starting Mon Sept 11th. 

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