interview on wild mystic woman w/ layla saad

It is my deepest honour to share this Wild Mystic Woman podcast episode where I get to chat with one of my absolute favourite humans, the one + only miss Layla Saad.

I remember reading Layla's infamous blog piece after Charlottesville and thinking, "I need to know this woman". She helped re-ignite a fire deep within me and since then nothing has been the same. It is Black + Indigenous womxn like her that have helped me stand so unapologetic + affirmed in my power and purpose.

When Layla reached out this summer + asked me to speak on her podcast I lost my shit - to put it mildly. Because I adore her. Meeting her at the #FollowBlackWomen conference just a few weeks ago cemented what I already knew. She is a soul sister, a ferocious + divinely feminine leader. And of course, she's THAT bitch ;)

Peep our long but nourishing episode where we cover oh so much including:

* How BIPOC silence + oppress ourselves to make white people comfortable

* Why committing to anti-racism means you have to let go of the need to be a “good girl”

* Healing + acknowledging what it means to heal in a racist patriarchal society

Happy listening + let me know your thoughts in the comments below! xo R