Loss(t)rology Horoscopes - Spring 2017 Horoscopes

As we enter Spring, the daylight (finally) begins to last longer. Let this speak like an epic reminder that light is coming back to Earth. In times of losing faith, remind yourself that it can be restored—light is coming! (In case you haven't already, make sure to check out the 2017 Annual Forecast for an overview of what to expect this year overall).

A new season begins with the 2017 Aries Equinox. As a result of the sun entering the sign of Aries (on March 20th), we will be led into a brand new season of energy. New energy that is ready for the light, or hidden energy emerging for the first time. The Northern Hemisphere will be celebrating the beginning of Spring and the Southern Hemisphere will be welcoming Autumn. The day and night will be perfectly balanced, and in this time, some will find equilibrium.

Europeans believed that the Equinox is like “the new year”, it is a time of fresh starts, new developments, planting new seeds, making renewals and channeling energy to help you focus in fresh, optimistic ways that allow you to move forward.

The holiday of Easter has a sense of fertility, which means this time could represent birth, babies, and creation. This is the time, to be out with the old and in with the new. Ancient rituals started the art of throwing out the old, which was how Spring cleaning came about. This is the time to clean-up your life, get rid of the negative noise, the stress, and the clutter. Try to live an existence that feels natural and true to you. 

Astrologically, this is a very powerful and insightful time. As Aries marks the number one zodiac spot, it is the perfect place to embark upon fresh starts. The seasonal shift is taking place, taking us on a deeper look into our new beginnings—or the things we need a fresh start from. As the pioneer, Aries is the sign that jumps into everything and anything. They have a brave heart and it is the thrill of the unknown that drives it forward. The fearless Aries energy will be in the air, helping to propel us ahead and embrace the opportunity of doing something different.

When the Sun enters Aries, new beginnings and energy are sparked into motion. 

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

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Things to Let Go: You need to let go of the reality that everything has to be “out-of-this-world.” Some things are just mediocre or okay. It might seem like mulling this over is worth your energy, but it’s not. Focus on the lot that you already have, it is enough. As one Aries profoundly said, “I’m not the type to sit in sorrow.” You don’t like feeling unresolved and shouldn’t put yourself through the torture of experiencing this feeling. Find ways that can help you move forward. This is your opportunity to turn a new leaf and begin a fresh start. As the first sign of the Zodiac, the good changes will come to you first. Opportunities are always at your feet. Change is highly motivated by your star sign and can come at any time.

Wisdom to Embrace: Your ability to keep moving forward, even when you have a lot on your plate is quite endearing. Embrace this. This is the time to solve a few more issues, be a champion to those closest to you, and then get your fresh start. Take it and remove yourself from situations that are causing you stress. You are strong, but a person can only take so much, so be wise. As you enter this new beginning, think about what you really want and if it is the right time for it. Don’t rush ahead simply because you can’t wait for more. Be patient and good outcomes will come true, but stop wanting. Try to cool the burning desires because they aren’t bringing you any closer to what you want. Time is the essence with Aries, who like to be #1 and won’t settle for the second pick. Aries would benefit from a break from the rat race. Driven to succeed their whole life, Aries would find peace in a passion project or embark upon a new chapter that involves even greater responsibilities. Taking care of someone else won’t challenge the Aries, they cling to this duty naturally and can make for an excellent role model.

Love to Let In: Venus is pushed down further during the retrograde at this time. This means that relationships will continue to be challenged. Aries can be helpful by showing love to their partner, family and friends both through words and affection. Your loved ones just want to know they are special to you so remind them in some way. Heat up some old tricks and get into the zone with your romantic love. As you remember how much fun the beginning was, you can look forward to a clean start together. Make sure that you are getting the attention you need as well because you will be unhappy if you feel like your loved ones aren’t really there for you

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

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Things to Let Go: Taurus needs to let go of the people in their past who have hurt them. Trying to find forgiveness or see how things can get better will help. Taurus has to let go of what they suppress. The things they want to tell you but are too scared to. Taurus needs to learn this is the only way to get what they want. Many Taurus people have given up some control and are letting things slide and come as they go. Taurus is happy as long as they’ve got what’s most important to them, their loved ones. Taurus needs to let go of all their expectations if they are ever going to find joy. The carefree Taurus is always more favored than the stubborn Taurus. You simply have to find your rhythm and do things to boost your mood when you are feeling down and out. It can be hard for you to believe in things and people. You have been let down in the past, but now’s the time to really trust whatever it is that person is giving you and not ask for more.

Wisdom to Embrace: There is nothing negative that could be said about the loyalty of a Taurus. They carry the least-likely divorce rate in the Zodiac for a reason. A Taurus will always get you in times of need, and they will always celebrate you in times of success. Taurus honestly isn’t asking for much in return - just be there for them, spend quality time with them, show up when they ask, give them good sex, and fill them with unconditional love. Taurus is tough and doesn’t look like the type to break, but being ruled by Venus makes them very emotional and sensitive towards their interpersonal relationships.

Love to Let In: Venus retrograde could bring out a side of the Taurus we haven’t seen in awhile. If it affects Taurus negatively they will be moody, bossy and controlling. If Taurus can work through their urges, they can reach a place of peace with their partner. Where arguing is out of the question and harmony is wide on the table. Taurus also incites love with their best friend, someone they can tell anything to, someone they never have to put up a front with, and someone who loves them in spite of it all.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)

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Things to Let Go: Gemini tends to let go of too much. Sometimes their attention is needed, but they’ve already moved onto something else. Gemini may ignore what they can’t emotionally deal with, but that doesn’t mean it goes away. It also doesn’t mean that Gemini doesn’t care. Gemini just doesn’t have it in them to deal with problems that they can’t fix. Gemini doesn’t like to feel drained or like they can’t solve a matter, which is why they often hide their emotions or share them openly after a couple of drinks. Gemini feels the pressure of having everything in order. They are perfectionists at heart and prefer to show the world that they are doing well, even if they are not.

Wisdom to Embrace: It is important that people know that you care. As discussed, Gems have a hard time talking about their emotions, but this doesn’t mean that they are bitchy and heartless. If you receive the love and care of a Gemini, you will be treated better than royalty. Gemini will truly go above and beyond for their loved ones, putting their own needs last as opposed to first. It is important that Gemini pays attention to the things they go through. It is hard for Gemini to admit fault and often they don’t know how to talk openly and truthfully about the problem. Gemini will seek an escape when they feel trapped, but they will also isolate themselves until they feel ready to be seen again.

Love to Let In: Venus retrograde will likely affect the Gemini’s mood and communication. They have to be careful of what they say and how they say it. Gemini is also the type who might need to be left alone in order to recharge, but if they love you, Gemini will always come back to you. Gemini will feel like they can’t live without you. Don’t pick a fight over a small thing. Remember the small things are for letting go and the big things are for getting anxious and worried about. When you feel yourself getting anxious or impatient try to remind yourself of the big picture, breathe and attempt to let the feeling go. Gemini also needs to be honest about their feelings with their loved ones. They have to ask themselves if they are happy and if they are with their partner for the right reasons.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)


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Things to Let Go: It’s important to let go of the negative things you tell yourself about yourself, but also any negative things you secretly tell yourself about others. Don’t be jealous, be a confident, compassionate Cancer who isn’t afraid to show others what they can do. Don’t think you’re being egotistical when you’ve likely done something awesome that others want to admire. Maybe some people have underestimated you because you weren’t the first voice to speak, but once they see what you can do, people are instantly impressed. Try to let go of some of your comforts because you have a tendency to cling on too tightly, and miss out on new things. This is the time for a change. This is a time to hit the refresh button. Stop looking back, and keep moving forward.  Try not to carry the pain of hurtful memories with you, it will only hold you back. The longings you have will be quenched as you know that life is constantly changing--you know that no state of being is forever. Yes, you can be a creature of habit, but some of you are in a new place, doing stuff that you weren’t doing before. You're happier. Cancer is slowly evolving and now is the time to take center stage.

Wisdom to Embrace: You have this natural, crafty way of taking something ordinary and turning it into something that feels like home. Usually, you do a beautiful job of this. You have a gift with creation and creativity. You have a domestic component to your personality and know how to comfort others by simply being there. You will try to help and listen if you can, even if you don’t know what to say. Cancer knows that people are comforted by the presence of others and that they don’t always want to be left alone in times of turmoil. Cancer knows what it feels like to feel all alone and like no one cares. People appreciate that when it comes to you, they are getting the truth. Generally, a lot of humor, knowledge, and plenty of valued insight. This is a good time for you to let go of the things you don’t need and hang on tightly to the things that you do. You can’t be afraid to interact with something or someone new so be bold in your pursuit.

Love to Let In: Venus Retrograde could make you more fickle than usual. Make sure you are taking good care of yourself, eating right at the proper time, going to bed at a decent hour and actually getting real, quality sleep. You won’t want to let your moods get in the way of love. Think before you speak, find that empathic place within you and be the loyal, loving, supportive individual that you know how to be. Try not to be crabby and hard to connect with. If you are feeling this way, communicate with your loved ones and let them know what is going on. Let them know that you need a little personal space and that it doesn't have anything to do with them.


Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)


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Things to Let Go: It is actually OK if the Lion wants to hold onto some things. Leo is constantly working to make the happy ending come true, which is why they don’t promote the negativity in their life and are usually working past it at a high speed. Leo doesn’t want others to view them as down, and it can seem like Leo is constantly living a fabulous life, but the truth is, Leo is feeling a lot too. Leo does have high expectations for life, love, family, work, and everything. When things go wrong, they really feel this pain. They might not share it with the world, but they will share it with a trusted friend or no one at all. Leo can get down on Leo, they just don’t like to show it; and like soulmate sign Aries, Leo doesn’t plan to stay down for too long.

Wisdom to Embrace: You have a natural exuberance, friendliness, and fire, which people love to be around. You can be like a drug in that people seem to want more and more of you. People are constantly singing your praise because you’ve earned it, and it’s never enough as there always seems to be more of it. Leo has to learn to be happy with that and let it materialize within. The insecurity which haunts Leo is serious, and if undealt with will result in a very unhappy and confused Lion. Leo needs to work on being honest with themselves and others or they will regret it later. They need to know that no one is going to judge them for their shortcomings. If anything, people will be relieved to know that you get it too.

Love to Let In: The Venus in retrograde might highlight small issues in your relationships that you are unaware of. Pay attention to them and work on how to improve these matters. Leo generally works best with a partner who has similar interests, and if this is the case, Leo should always think about what they want in love and give that to their mate. Leo will show others what they want to get back, just ensure that your loved ones are getting the hint. Don’t sacrifice your needs to keep a picture pretty or a dream boat from sinking, because honestly, no matter what you do, if it’s meant to sink, it’s going to sink—even if you go down, you will rise again. Stay afloat but don’t be aloof. Be mindful of your needs and your relationships in order to encourage authentic and genuine enjoyment.

 Virgo (Aug 23-Sept 22)

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Things to Let Go: It is important that you separate yourself from your past. Where you were, and where you are headed now are two entirely separate things. Trust your instincts because you’ve never been good at lying to yourself. Find where you are comfortable and stay there, but also look for a way to challenge yourself or ensure that what is comforting you is also challenging you. Don’t get too modest, remember that you are here for a specific purpose. If you’ve figured out what that is, there is no way you won’t eventually be successful. It’s all up to you, though, you’ve got to be prepared to do it the long way and put in all the work. Remember your dream for yourself and don’t let anything make you lose sight of it. Virgo can lower their expectations, but they won’t like it in the long-run.

Wisdom to Embrace: Everyone thinks you are so sturdy and grounded, and you are, but sometimes you’ve had a shaky hand. Sometimes it has been hard for you to feel the floor. Sometimes you can’t connect to anyone. Virgo is "the loner" of the Zodiac, and they need personal space in order to shut off, re-boot and eventually give back. Virgo needs to reclaim their need for space in order to fill the void, which often plagues Virgo energy. Virgo feels like they need more when they already have enough or Virgo can feel like they should be doing something other than what they are currently doing. Sometimes it's that Virgo has a lot to cherish but still feels like it's not enough.

Love to Let In: You have to be careful of your demeanor. Sometimes you are cold when all your loved ones want is loving words and affection. Communicate what is going on with you so that your loved ones know it’s nothing personal. Virgo can get a little stubborn (in that they won’t talk about what’s bothering them) and moody at times, but that comes with them keeping it real and this is a quality that is much appreciated. It reminds the people in your life of your sincerity and loyalty. Virgo doesn’t fake love and this is why love from a Virgo is highly valued.

Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22)

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Things to Let Go: Sometimes it seems like you let it all go, or it can appear to be so, but really you are taking it all in. You don’t know what to do with it all, but you can listen. Sometimes you don’t always know how to talk about you, but that’s often because you don’t want to. You don’t want to trouble anyone. Instead, you will be a good friend to others because most of the time, you don’t even really know where to begin. You can easily seek comfort in good times and companionship. Some of you might not even know how you feel, but just that you feel bothered. You might push these feelings down, which will work temporarily but not in the long run.

Wisdom to Embrace: Your ability to keep things cool and harmonious is undeniable. Everyone has their moments, but for the most part you are a charming, lovely individual who does see value in a lot of people. Battling the Libra scales with what to do, the “ifs”, the “I don’t knows” and the “maybes.” Libra’s personal desires and aspirations can get lost, simply because they can’t make a decision. Libra has to really fight to keep their agenda at bay. Libra wastes potential when they don’t give into selfish urges—it’s encouraged that Libra find a sense of self, which drives them to achieve or reach personal contentment. Libra needs to be motivated by a higher power, and that higher power needs to be Libra.

Love to Let In: Libra is known for being a bit of a player, though this doesn’t mean Libra can’t be faithful and devoted. It is to say that Libra won’t always take things seriously when they should. They won’t always know what direction the relationship is going or what way they want to go, which is why it is important that Libra knows that they can’t fake romance. If Libra isn’t sincerely happy or their needs aren’t being met, Libra won’t commit. Libra needs patience, but they also need relationships that influence with control. Sometimes Libra will have one finger on everything, but their hand on nothing. Meaning that single Libra may kiss a lot of suitors, but isn’t necessarily holding anyone’s hand.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

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Things to Let Go: Scorpio holds on way too tightly to everything—all of it. The past is very vivid with this sign. They will remember well if you’ve crossed them negatively. Scorpio will not forget the hurtful things you said. There are some people worth forgiving, and not just half-way but all the way. Scorpio won’t always let people fully back in, but it’s important for them to try, especially in the case of work relationships. What Scorpio can let go will only create more room for their happiness. Scorpio needs to celebrate not ruminate. Scorpio might look like they need a push, but everything is kept in their secretive mind. Scorpio will put the work in when they feel ready for it, but they won’t listen to anyone else’s suggestions. Scorpio has to do Scorpio in their own way and at their own time.

Wisdom to Embrace: Your ability to give is always valued, but you have to learn to give to yourself. You’re amazing at helping others, but sometimes you fail to help yourself. You cannot fill your life with everyone else’s lives, or shut down and let no one in. You have to find ways to trust people and talk about your inner feelings. Even if people let you down, at least you learned a valuable lesson. Keep your guard a little lower so that you don’t miss out on positive opportunities. In the spirit of seasonal change, try to find ways to be vulnerable without substances or stimuli from others. Learn to get there on your own.

Love to Let In: What you withhold from the people you love will only come back to haunt you later. You can’t be afraid of saying how you really feel because you don’t want to get hurt. Getting hurt is a part of the love game so let people in, talk about you and the things you want from your relationships. Observe the positive changes that could occur if you decide to open up and express the intense feelings of your heart.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

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Things to Let Go: You can’t always walk away when you want to, you have to let go of that. Sometimes you have to hang in there and listen to what people have to say. Sometimes you’re just stuck. You can’t and will not win every argument, so as you move forward into this change, focus on your own disposition. Be that positive and loving person that you know you can be. Do something for yourself that will satisfy the independent urges, but then also do something generous for the people you love. You’d be surprised to know how many people wonder what you think about them.

Wisdom to Embrace: Your durability, and willingness to let things go are treasured qualities. Sure, you can be angry in a moment, but you don’t like to stay there. Sagittarius is all about moving onwards and upwards. They won’t stay down for long, so be prepared to embrace their thirst for life and adventure. Sagittarius can be so simple in that they will treat you how you treat them. Embrace your ability to be independent, be there for yourself, but also let someone else be there for you too. Sagittarius loves to travel, but sometimes they can benefit from staying in one place for awhile. Still, there are some Sagittarius people who aren’t leaving when they should. Put your priorities in order and see what is really important. If it’s a matter of money or your heart, you should try to choose your heart. The more in touch you get with this organ, the better your life will be.

Love to Let In: Venus in retrograde could affect the love situation a little. Sometimes you expect people to know you are sorry, but you don’t say it. You need to take responsibility for your own actions and what comes out of your mouth—sometimes people need to hear the words. You should work on showing emotional-openness as opposed to self-victory, this will make it easier for your loved ones to understand you and give you what you need. Don’t be mean with your words, be constructive and try to tell people how you feel in a way that doesn’t offend them. You know that it is never your intention to hurt someone, but sometimes your fiery emotions get the best of you. 

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

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Things to Let Go: In your case, it’s everything…Capricorn needs to let go of everything. You must let go of what you can’t control, and you can’t control what other people do, what they think or how they work. Focus more on giving yourself the things that you desire and deserve. You can’t let people’s poor choices get you down, no matter how close they are to you. People come around in their own time and for their own reasons. Remember that regardless of how rational and sound they were, your ideas were not good, even if they were, and it’s not your fault if people can’t see this. You shouldn’t deny yourself the things that you want, even if it means breaking a schedule or a silly work rule. Sometimes you simply need to indulge and relish in life oppose to doing the right thing or the “good thing.” Capricorn needs to run some yellow lights and not worry about it later.  

Wisdom to Embrace: Your ability to tolerate it all is credible. You have moments of weakness but you are a strong person. At the end of the day, you’ll always try to be the last person standing. You drive a force with your work and intellect so wave your colors proudly (as many of you do) because you earned this right. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want just as long as you don’t get too demanding—as a boss, you can project this energy and it can be unattractive. Lower your measuring stick with people, knowing that each individual has to be sized up differently. We can’t expect everyone to get it, but we can help others, and when you do this you are extremely effective and use your skillset for good.

Love to Let In: If Venus in retrograde affects your relationships, it will have a huge, negative effect on you. Love is something that stresses you out and triggers you to be in a bad place. Try to watch yourself and how you are to your loved ones, try not to be cold or withdrawn. Don’t overwork yourself into a place of boredom. Don’t be a ghost. Stay active and open with love and good things will bloom.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

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Things to Let Go: Sometimes we carry the loss with us when it is significant, but Aquarius can let little losses get to them. They need to let these things go, focus on the big picture, and pay no mind to the small stuff, which can irk you. Ironically, Aquarius is usually cool about the big stuff and doesn’t promote the idea of enemies. Aquarius is built with the ability to guide others. They seem to know the right way of passage and will express any changes that occur on their route. They need to let go of their need to lead all the time. Aquarius is very insightful, but needs to forgive people who have hurt them or can’t seem to get things done “the Aquarius way.” Trusting in love is a big thing for the Aquarius. When they do give their trust, they expect only the best. Though, they’ve probably already tolerated the worst and therefore will notice it if you start to show bad signs. Aquarius has to let go of the things they can’t change because it's already known that if it was in their power, Aquarius would change it themselves. If Aquarius has a will, there is a way, and Aquarius almost always has a will.

Wisdom to Embrace: Your ability to be emotionally detached has been useful in a lot of situations, but it is important for the Aquarius to work on sharing their emotions with others. What Aquarius doesn’t share, they bottle. Aquarius needs to open up their heart to feel without deflection or sarcasm. When you are being there for others your ability to detach can be useful as you are capable of looking at the problem for what it really is. Aquarius sees the facts, they understand how things work and won’t be afraid to tell you the truth.

Love to Let In: With Venus in retrograde, you’re going to have to work harder to own your concerns and communicate effectively with your loved ones. Don’t get competitive or overbearing just because you’re having a weird couple of days. Use words to let those you love know where you stand. Also, let them know if you need space. Aquarius can also benefit from alone time, but often they are so busy with their loved ones and work that they never make time for it. Assess your love to acknowledge that it is enough for you. If you feel satisfied, you are on the right track to meeting the right partner and potentially "the one."

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

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Things to Let Go: You have to try (even if you feel so strongly about things) to let go of what is bringing you down. Let go of the expectation and try to encounter things for what they are. Look for the silver lining in opportunities and focus on what is important. Pisces could benefit from a fresh start, but they need to be forward-thinking and not lost, daydreaming in the dream world. Pisces needs to be on top of their work expectations, projects and deadlines—they need to tidy up, do some serious spring cleaning and get organized. Pisces should be more mindful of health and let go of the vices that keep them from feeling good about themselves. Exercise would also be great here. It will help the Fish to shed off some emotional frustration. Pisces spends too much time thinking about others, and exercise will help them distract their mind while doing something that is good for their body and well-being.

Wisdom to Embrace: Your sense of others is top notch. Trust your gut as you move forward, take that leap into doing something that you are scared of. Your fear holds you back from living the life you dream of. Deep down, you always know how things are going to go, which is why you can stop yourself from being emotionally-minded or impulsive. Don’t prevent yourself from getting the things that you want by giving up, or giving into a negative state. Pisces is talented but can be tormented. They need to embrace all the love and compassion they give to others and project it their way. Pisces doesn’t always see how they are behind or doing something wrong. They often live in their own little worlds and see and do things their way. Don’t lose sight of this Pisces, there will be someone to appreciate your creative talents. You might not be an average dime, which is great because you’ll shy off the unexceptional, and eventually you'll find your place. Pisces just wants a spot on the team. They don’t need (or want) to be captain, but they do want a loving family to come home to.

Love to Let In: With Venus in retrograde you won’t find things running as smoothly, but this is a good opportunity for you to work on communicating your feelings effectively. Make sure that they are heard, and not quickly dismissed. You have a lot of love to give, and it is important for you to feel that love returned. It is also important that you don’t get pushed over by your loved ones’ wants and needs. Love is in different places at different times, but it is always a two-way street. Don’t give too much if you aren’t getting much back. Remember what you deserve out of love and never lose sight of that. You’re not being crazy, but it wouldn’t help to run your thoughts by a friend before you act on them. Pisces benefits from the use of a logical mind and usually finds that in a cherished friend.