loss(t) convos with Beth Richards

In this edition of loss(t) convos we hear from my dear friend and killer swimsuit designer Beth Richards of Beth Richards Swimwear. Beth, 38, is the Founder and Designer of a world-renowned swimwear line found in stores all over the globe (and proudly made in Canada!). Beth shares her experience of losing her job, and consequently her identity, and how she turned it all around. 

What is the most significant loss you've endured?

Seven years ago I lost my job, one that moved me across the country.  With that loss I felt I had lost not just my reason for getting up most days but my identity.  My friends, my entire life was rooted at this company and although the time had already passed when I should have left, once the option was forced on me I felt devastated.

What did you learn from your loss/grief?

I learned first and foremost, we are not defined by what we do. We are defined by who we are inside. In my experience it took my "loss" to see what I was missing, and what I needed.

I needed to do something for myself that meant something to me after feeling discarded.

What is your advice for others enduring a similar loss?

I try and remind everyone that rarely does one stay down.  When we trip and fall we dust off and move ahead. We need to also refine how we look at "failure".  In most cases it's no more than a traffic light given by the universe to divert. At the time it seems hard to bear but without that loss and that pain I would not have been as strong or as well equipped to take on my next challenge.

Thanks universe for showing me the way!

- - 

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