How to Give Thanks AND Call Out Racist Shit

This week marks the “offish” opening of the holiday season in the US. American Thanksgiving is coming in hot and aside from the holiday itself being a celebration of White Supremacy (yah I said it), getting together with fam and friends can also mean keeping close quarters with Aunt Regina the Racist. Here are my suggested offerings for taking care of you, giving thanks AND calling out racist shit…

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Why White Womxn Need to Get Out The Way

In the wake of the US midterm elections we’ve once again seen white womxn choosing race over gender. The time to follow those who are most marginalized and oppressed by racist patriarchy has come. The to follow Black + Indigenous womxn to bring about racial justice, is NOW. This article explains why, and what White womxn can do to support.

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Movement, Meditation + Conversation w/ Kait Hurley

I am so excited to introduce you to Kait Hurley and her Move + Meditate method. Kait is a client, friend and fucking REAL one. We combined forces to bring you this Deep Inner Strength + Visualization Breathwork class so you can sweat out whatever isn't serving and fill yourself back up with calming food for the soul

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To My Mom on Her 2nd Death-i-versary

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of my mother’s death.  There have been 730 days since she left this Earth and in that time I’ve experienced twice the number of emotions. Relief, despair, grief, sadness, anger, hope, joy, transcendence, acceptance – the full spectrum...

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NarrativesAnita Cheung
We Need to Talk About White Guilt: How Grief Perpetuates Racism

In the wake of Charlottesville I felt compelled to write an open letter to well-intentioned White folks about how White guilt and grief perpetuates racism. The truth is that shit ain’t really gonna change unless and until ALL folks, especially those who have been directly or indirectly at the helm of oppression, are willing to truly do the work. Not just today, or tomorrow, but every single day for the rest of our lives.

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Anita Cheung