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Racial Justice Advocate. public speaker + writer.



Hey Y’all!

My name’s Rachel Ricketts and I’m a healer, coach and activist. My life’s mission is to heal the collective divide by addressing + eradicating racist patriarchy, supporting folks (particularly womxn of colour) through grief and helping us all manifest more joy.


I  started  this  work  after  helping  my  mother  and  sole  parent  starve  herself  to death in  2015,  following  a  debilitating  20-year  battle  with multiple  sclerosis. The  grief  and  loss  I  felt  after  her  death  sent  me  into  a  dark night  of  the  soul  and  it  was awful  AF.  I  spent  many  a  lonely  day  in  deep,  dark  despair  and  the  weight  of  it  all nearly  cost  me  my  life.  Still,  the  most  acute  grief I  have,  and  will  continue  to,  experience  in  my  life  is  a  result  of  navigating  a  racist  patriarchal  world  as  a  Black woman.


I believe getting comfortable with our discomfort is the only way we can begin to make lasting and meaningful change. I know, because it’s how I’ve healed my own heart. From my mother’s death, burning out from my corporate law career, dealing with chronic pain from a car accident, making it through the terrorism of the Paris Attacks, or enduring the omnipresent onslaught of racism and sexism from the status quo of white supremacy , I’ve been through some shit, faced my shadows and made it out the other side. Braver, brighter, bolder and ready to help you + your business do the same.


I am an outspoken champion for womxn of colour and our healing, and am committed to educating, promoting and advocating for anti-racism and inclusion in our personal, professional and collective lives, and prioritizing healing for people of colour.



I curate difficult but necessary conversations with truth and compassion and help people find tangible tools to create personal and collective transformation while healing our hearts.

I’m versed in a variety of culturally-informed spiritual tools to help people and businesses unearth their struggles, step into their power and raise the collective consciousness. I do this through speaking, online courses, events, and retreats. 


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  • Diploma in Intercultural Education & Training (Anti-Racism + Diversity Training), University of Victoria.

  • Juris Doctorate, Allard School of Law at University of British Columbia

  • Former Chair of Equity Committee, Allard School of Law

  • Certificate in Grief & Loss Training for Professionals, Living Through Loss Counselling Society

  • Bachelor's degree in Psychology, University of Victoria.

  • Certified Yin Yoga Teacher, One Yoga for the People.

  • Breathwork for Couples + Groups Training, Jon Paul Crimi

  • Breathwork: Pranayama Breathing Techniques Training, The Chopra Centre

  • Certified Level 1 Reiki healer, Myorei Healing.

  • Certified Death Doula, Doulagivers End of Life Care Training

  • Communication Training, Igolu

  • Former Board Member, BC Bereavement Helpline.

  • Graduate of The Landmark Forum, The Landmark Institute.

  • Co-Founder, WOC (Women of Colour) Talks


fun facts

  • I’ve attended an Indigenous healing circle and 2Chainz concert in the same day (#balance)

  • Young Blue Ivy Carter is my baby doppleganger (my mom pointed it out)

  • This work is in honour of my departed ancestors, particularly my mom. I owe my drive, compassion, sass and love of champagne to her.



"Rachel is a bright light on a dark night. She’s full of compassion and intuitive wisdom, and she knows how to take me to the heart of the matter. When I’m working with her, I feel truly honoured for who I am and where I’m at. Rachel asks potent questions, and she’s not afraid to say what needs to be said. Her insights transform our conversations and the way I feel. Working with her is a brilliant and beautiful experience of healing through feeling."

- Lucie B., Certified Executive Coach


“Every time I am in a room with Rachel, I am filled with a light and energy that keeps me lit for days — lit with optimism, passion, and hope. In a city (and world... and body... and society...) that often has me feeling unsafe, I appreciate her giving women like me dedicated space to feel guarded by a strong activist, heard by those who are forced to listen, and truly ourselves in the best way possible."

-        Alica Forneret, Writer, Editor + Creative, Los Angeles, CA