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Hey Y’all!

My name’s Rachel Ricketts and I’m an international activist, speaker + writer.

My life’s mission is to help heal the collective divide by dismantling racist heteropatriarchy, supporting healing for Black + Indigenous womxn and help us all reclaim our freedom of our mind, body and soul.

As a racial justice activist, lawyer, healer, speaker and writer, I educate white folx on their role in perpetuating white supremacy, help POC and mixed folx heal from internalized oppression, and offer practical solutions for all hue-mans to dismantle racist heteropatriarchy.

I host online and in-person workshops including my renowned Spiritual Activism  series which promotes racial justice, reconciliation and healing for all hue-mans, prioritizing the needs and comfort of Black and Indigenous womxn.

My work has been featured in publications such as Huffington PostMind Body Green, BuzzFeed, Black Girl in Om, Hello Giggle and Thriveand I’ve presented at international conferences including SXSW in Austin (twice), me Convention by MercedesBenz in Stockholm and the Follow Black Women Conference. I’ve also worked with a variety of global organizations including Google, WeWork, CreativeLive and Lululemon. I love donuts, dancing and all things metaphysical (ideally all at the same time).


I am an outspoken champion for womxn of colour, and am committed to educating, promoting and advocating for anti-racism in our personal, professional and collective lives, and prioritizing healing for POC.


I  started  this  work  after  helping  my  mother  and  sole  parent  starve  herself  to death in  2015,  following  a  debilitating  20-year  battle  with multiple  sclerosis. The  grief  and  loss  I  felt  after  her  death  sent  me  into  a  dark night  of  the  soul.  I  spent  many  a  day  in despair  and  the  weight  of  it  all nearly  cost  me  my  life.  Still,  the  most  acute  grief I  have,  and  will  continue  to,  experience  is  a  result  of  navigating  a  racist  heteropatriarchal  world  as  a  Black woman.

I believe getting comfortable with our discomfort is the only way we can begin to make lasting and meaningful change. I know, because it’s how I’ve healed my own heart. From my mother’s death, burning out from my corporate law career, making it through the terrorism of the Paris Attacks, or enduring the omnipresent onslaught of white supremacy, I’ve been through some shit, faced my shadows and made it out the other side. Braver, brighter, bolder and ready to help you and/or your business do the same.



I curate difficult but necessary racial justice conversation with truth and compassion and help people find tangible tools to create personal and collective transformation while healing our hearts.

I’m versed in a variety of culturally-informed spiritual tools to help people and businesses unearth their struggles, raise the collective consciousness and commit to dismantling racist heteropatriarchy. I do this through speaking, online courses, events, and writing.


Wanna jam out together? Me too! Here’s how



“[You  have]  provided  me  with  a  sense  of  affirmation  of  my  Beingness  as  a  woman  of  colour,  and  with  words/wisdoms  that  I  can  use  to  both  express  my  anger  and  explain  the  significance  of  daily,  anti-racism  work.  Thank  you.  Your  work  is  life-affirming  and  faith-building,  and  you  deliver  it  with  such  empathy,  compassion,  and  loving  anger...”

- Ji-Youn  Kim,  Self-Care  +  Performance  Coach



  • Diploma in Intercultural Education & Training (Anti-Racism + Diversity Training), University of Victoria.

  • Juris Doctorate, Allard School of Law at University of British Columbia

  • Former Chair of Equity Committee, Allard School of Law

  • Co-Founder, WOC (Women of Colour) Talks

  • Active Member, BC Civil Liberties Association

  • Active Member, NAACP

  • Bachelor's degree in Psychology, University of Victoria

  • Certificate in Grief & Loss Training for Professionals, Living Through Loss Counselling Society

  • Certified Yin Yoga Teacher, One Yoga for the People

  • Breathwork for Couples + Groups Training, Jon Paul Crimi

  • Breathwork: Pranayama Breathing Techniques Training, The Chopra Centre

  • Certified Level 1 Reiki healer, Myorei Healing.

  • Certified Death Doula, Doulagivers End of Life Care Training

  • Communication Training, Igolu

  • Graduate of The Landmark Forum, The Landmark Institute.


fun facts

  • I’ve attended an Indigenous healing circle and 2Chainz concert in the same day (#balance)

  • Young Blue Ivy Carter is my baby doppleganger (my mom pointed it out)

  • This work is in honour of my departed ancestors, particularly my mom. I owe my drive, compassion, sass and love of champagne to her.



“I just finished you Spiritual Activism 101 class. Holy shit! You literally deconstructed the foundation of my beliefs on what racism is and my part in that as a white woman. I hated hearing all of that, it hurt, I feel so many overwhelming feelings, but among those feelings, I found gratitude. Thank you doesn't seem adequate, but I will say it anyways, Thank YOU. “

- Brandy Wilson, Chicago, IL


Rachel is featured in Vox’s show “Consider It” discussing white feminism + allyship


Vision, Mission + Values


To eradicate anti-Blackness + white supremacist heteropatriarchy and help POC around the globe, especially BIPOC, heal from racialized trauma.


Through writing, speaking and workshops I offer spirit-centric tools + sacred spaces for womxn/femmes of colour (including mixed folx) to unapologetically defy racist patriarchy + heal our hearts, and white and white-passing womxn/femmes to commit to authentic anti-racism via soul-based social justice.


INTEGRITY - I stand in + speak my truth and bring every ounce of me to all facets of my work. I strive to keep it real and raw and to keep my word. I expect anyone in my space or with whom I collaborate to do the same. Impact over intention. No bullshit allowed.

AUTHENTICITY - I am honestly, authentically and unapologetically myself. I speak from my heart and constantly evaluate the how and why of all that I do. I seek to engage with folx and organizations who want to dismantle racist patriarchy not because it looks good or helps their bottom line, but because it is the right thing to do.

LOVE - I do this work from a profound and limitless place of love for all, particularly my fellow Black + Indigenous folks, and the world I know we can create together. My love is fierce. My love has boundaries and my love includes anger.

DIVINE COMPASSION - I believe we are all connected by and through Spirit and when we access our most vulnerable parts to find compassion for ourselves and others to uplift those who need it most, we all win. Collaboration over competition.

INTERSECTIONALITY - Racial justice will not and cannot be achieved without addressing all forms of marginalization and oppression and the ways in which they intersect. I seek to include all voices and folx in our collective liberation including but not limited to trans, gender non-conforming, non-binary, intersex, LGBTQIAP+, persons with disabilities, non neurotypical, poor, fat, undereducated, immigrant and refugee folx.

“Every time I am in a room with Rachel, I am filled with a light and energy that keeps me lit for days — lit with optimism, passion, and hope. In a city (and world... and body... and society...) that often has me feeling unsafe, I appreciate her giving [Black] women like me dedicated space to feel guarded by a strong activist, heard by those who are forced to listen, and truly ourselves in the best way possible."

-        Alica Forneret, Writer, Editor + Creative, Los Angeles, CA